Malta, Covid-19 death toll continue to rise

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela declared that a total lockdown is not in the government’s plans to combat COVID-19. Malta is experiencing an increase in daily deaths and in new cases related to coronavirus.
Malta has registered eight deaths since last Wednesday; five cases were confirmed on Thursday and another two early Friday morning. So far, a total of 73 deaths were confirmed while 1,929 cases are still active. The Maltese health authorities registered 6,764 cases since the start of the pandemic in March.
Local medical associations declared that further restrictive measures should be reintroduced to fight the increase in new positive cases. The health services in Malta are facing a crises, and the medical associations representing various health professions said that “the situation in local hospitals will only get worse if such restrictions are not in place and enforced.”
In a joint statement, the thirteen medical associatons said that the Maltese government should avoid scenes such as those witnessed in Bergamo, Italy in March and April.

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