EU Commissioner Helena Dallìs son found guilty of drug trafficking

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – European Commissioner Helena Dallìs son, Jean-Marc Dalli, was found guilty of drug trafficking by the Criminal court in Malta. He was caught handing out ecstasy at a party in Paola in 2013.

Magistrate Natasha Galea handed down a 3-month sentence and a €650 fine to the 25-year old, taking into consideration his clean police conduct and the fact that he aided Police in their investigations by naming his seller.

Dalli, a Marsascala resident, was caught red-handed handing 6 ecstasy pills to another young man outside a party held near Corradino in September of 7 years ago. The Prosecution told the Court that Police stationed outside the party observed a group of youths arriving, and then witnessed the accused passing a paper bag to another young man. The police intervened as they suspected drug trafficking, and conducted searches. One of the other men were found in possession of six blue pills in a paper bag, and another woman was also found in possession of three blue pills. No drugs were found on the accused.

The defense presented an argument saying that it was a case of drug sharing; but the Magistrate stated that there was no evidence to show that the drug was being shared. It had simply been passed on in a paper bag.

Dalli was also ordered to pay half the Court expenses.

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