Milan Bergamo Airport enhances North Africa network with new flights

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MILANO (ITALPRESS) – Milan Bergamo Airport is delighted to celebrate a record number of flights and capacity to North Africa, underscoring its commitment towards emerging markets, as well as fostering and expanding its reach beyond Europe to regions further afield. Nile Air will become the latest carrier to enhance connectivity, initiating three weekly flights between Milan Bergamo and Cairo starting 28 June. Utilising a modern fleet of 164-seat Airbus A320 aircraft on the route, Nile Air will offer passengers a comfortable and reliable travel experience. Flights will operate on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, providing travellers with increased flexibility when planning their itineraries. This service not only facilitates nonstop travel to Egypt’s historic capital but also offers convenient onward connections to several destinations in the Gulf. North Africa holds immense importance for Milan Bergamo Airport, serving as a thriving market for tourism, family visits, and burgeoning business opportunities. This year, a record number of seven airlines are operating between Milan Bergamo and North Africa, offering over 660,000 seats to travellers. This figure represents a notable 48% increase compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019 and is up almost 10% year-over-year, showcasing the robust growth trajectory of the airport’s North African routes. Morocco and Egypt emerge as focal points in Milan Bergamo’s North Africa coverage, with flights catering to diverse travel needs and preferences. While the airport has been facilitating flights to North Africa for decades, the notable growth began in 2008 when Ryanair introduced services to Fez in Morocco. Subsequently, the entry of Air Arabia Maroc with its Casablanca service in 2009 further bolstered connectivity. Served by Air Arabia, Air Arabia Maroc and Air Arabia Egypt, Milan Bergamo is the only airport in Europe to claim all three airlines of the group on its carrier rollcall. This summer, the group has notable coverage of the North Africa region with flights from Milan Bergamo Airport to Alexandria, Cairo, and Casablanca. Air Arabia Egypt will continue to offer the largest number of flights and capacity to Cairo throughout the 2024 summer season. Complementing Nile Air, Ryanair and the Air Arabia group in serving North Africa from Milan Bergamo Airport are AlbaStar, TUI, Neos and Malta Med Air, which provide leisure flights in cooperation with tour operators. Moreover, Ryanair further reinforces its commitment to North Africa by introducing a new two weekly service to Beni Mellal in north-central Morocco, commencing on 1 June. Milan Bergamo Airport offers passengers ten unique destinations across North Africa, including six in Morocco and four in Egypt. Travellers can opt for a nonstop service from Milan Bergamo to Agadir, Beni Mellal, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech, and Tangier in Morocco, as well as Alexandria, Cairo, Marsa Alam, and Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. Giacomo Cattaneo, Director of Commercial Aviation, SACBO, said: “The growing connectivity between Milan Bergamo Airport and North Africa is a testament to the strategic importance of this region for our airport. We recognise the immense potential that North Africa holds in terms of tourism, business, and cultural exchanges. The record number of airlines operating between Milan Bergamo and North Africa, along with the substantial increase in seat capacity, highlights our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of travellers. We are confident that our partnership with airlines, coupled with the attractiveness of North African destinations, will fuel further expansion in the coming years”. As Milan Bergamo Airport continues to strengthen its foothold in North Africa, travellers can look forward to enhanced connectivity and diverse travel options that fit all types of passengers and budgets. Milan Bergamo Airport will continue to play a pivotal role in facilitating seamless travel between Italy and North Africa, unlocking new opportunities for passengers, and contributing to the region’s economic development.


Foto: Agenzia Fotogramma

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