“The Alpine crown, seen from space, appears as one of the largest water reserves in Europe, a unique and extremely important territory for all of us. We must decide now to act, all together, to make a difference “. This is stated by Paolo Nespoli, an astronaut who has three space missions and who takes part in the 3RD EUSALP ANNUAL FORUM in the panel ‘Shaping. Future. Toghether. With the next generation ‘meeting dedicated to the relationship between new generations and the environment. “From space we see how we human beings are in every corner of the globe and how our presence is now highly impacting on the environment” says the astronaut on the eve of this meeting. “Measuring, understanding and modifying this impact is fundamental to being able to make informed and responsible choices, in order to coexist in harmony precisely with that environment that allows us to exist on this planet”. And the message he is sending is very clear: “We must decide to become aware and act, all together now, to make the difference”

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